… must. focus.

I have to say that I’m quite proud of myself for sticking with working out this long…… and for me, 5 months of working out consistently is a great feat. For the past couple of weeks, I have only been able to work out once a week during the work week and then the weekends come and I’m so exhausted from Monday – Friday that I couldn’t imagine exerting energy to do anything else.


The summer commeth and I am tooo thrilled because I plan on hitting the gym SO! hard it is ridiculous. I am a bit disappointed because although I can tell I’m getting stronger and have lost a good percentage of body fat, I don’t see the muscle mass I’d like to see. Which means MORE weight on the bar and getting back to organizing my schedule in a way that allows me to hit the gym more often!

One thing I KNOW we must do is continue to work on our eating habits. We’ll do well for a little bit then fall off for a little bit. It’s our little cycle that we’ve got to stop. Another exciting aspect of summer is that we have so much more time to cook!! I love to try new recipes over the summer because I actually have time to find a recipe I want to try, mentally prepare, grocery shop, then prepare the meal. It’s a big deal. I’m not a very good “throw it together” kind of cook. That’s Thomas’ arena! Me, I’m a cook book/app gather all of the recipes, measuring spoons/cups, and everything you’ll need to cook with and cook everything one at a time- althought I’m getting better – kinda gal. I’m telling you it’s a process so when I have TIME….

Soooo…. all of this to say, I have two goals…
Goal #1: hit the gym incredibly hard over the next few weeks!
Goal #2: healthy eating, snacking, and healthIER cheating!

I’ll keep you up to speed on my progress!!!!
…. and for accountabilities sake, I am going to gym tomorrow and increasing my weight!!!

…. here’s to heavier commitment and increased muscle mass!!!!


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