I know for some, this could appear tacky.

However, I know while I was researching infertility, the costs, and the journey – it was nice to know what we COULD have to go through not only emotionally and financially. This journey is NOT cheap in any sense of the word….. It’s not cheap considering there are a lot of little wonders out there who are conceived for free. For anyone who may have to journey to their little wonder – knowing what you may have to deal with ahead of time can be helpful.

So. With that said…. This page is dedicated to our tally. I honestly don’t want to tally. I don’t want to count. I don’t want to know how much money we are putting into trying to have a baby. It sparks all types of questions and ultimatums. Lots of “we’ll do this until…” type of conversations. But…. here goes.

8/12/11 – IUI: $380

7/9/11 – Ultrasound to check follicles: $30

6/31/11 – Clomid: $45

6/18/11 – IUI: $380

6/16/11 – Ovidrel Rx: $100

6/16/11 – Ultrasound: $30

6/7/11 – Clomid Rx: $20

6/7/11 – Follow up appointment/ultrasound: $30

5/17/11 – Surgery.. Dr. fees: $175, hospital fees: $1,500, Pain Rx: $15

5/4/11 – Followup appointment $30

4/??/11 – Blood Tests/Andrology Test : $60

3/14/11 – First Dr. appointment at Fertility Specialists of Houston (consultation/ultrasound) : $30

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