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…. and, it begins!

….. summer that is! and I feel like doing this   —–> I am sooooooo excited IDK what to do!!  Summer is FINALLY here and I am more excited about it than I thought I’d be! I knew I’d be happy … Continue reading

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…the first after the last

Today is the first day after the last day of school and I just want to do this……. A week of staying up late painting/creating these…. (My boys- their pictures in personalized picture frames… the girls – their bedazzled first initial) …… has left … Continue reading

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…. reinforcement & transparency

Today, I skipped out of regular service to see what was going on in youth church and was literally b l o w n away! I am sooo proud of our youth department, The City, the youth Pastor, the youth … Continue reading

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… weekends

  … this is was weekends were made for. Spending time with friends. Taking pictures. And, relaxing. There’s nothing greater. Spent Saturday with friends in Dallas celebrating an upcoming wedding…… Took some great pictures (hope they think so too!!) ….. had … Continue reading

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… 14 – 5

…….. Two weeks. The time frame it takes for me to heal. Which means no (ahem) for another week and two days. And, more lying around. Who decides this stuff?! lol. ……. here’s to boredom, talking, and lots of cuddling?! … Continue reading

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… quiet time

I’m home alone, lying on the couch in complete silence aside from the ticking clock and street traffic…………… Trying to spend some quiet time with God. Being proactive, a thinker, a helper, a do-er (of sorts) it’s tough to just … Continue reading

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… take this

I don’t want to to do this… I don’t want to sit at home in pain because of a surgery I had to increase the POSSIBILITY that we may have kids… I don’t want to go through procedure after procedure … Continue reading

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