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… july1

Tomorrow, my cycle is due to make it’s apperance. The day has finally arrived. One of my struggles when I was considering starting this blog was what I would do once this day, or days like this,  finally came around…. This day is such a … Continue reading

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… books! books! books!

I have a Summer Bucket List. One of the To Do items on the list are to read three books – The Help, Something Borrowed, and Pray Big for Your Marriage: The Power Of Praying God’s Promises in Your Relationship. … Continue reading

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…. wishing & hoping

The worst part of the 2ww is the last few days of the second week. The last few days before your cycle is due. Or. The last few days before you find out all of your efforts have paid off and … Continue reading

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…. recorded sweetness

Yesterday evening, we dropped BOTH of our borrowed babes off to enjoy a little bit of time away from US! And, as much as I ADORED sleeping (in) until 7:30a and then going back to sleep at 9:50-ish and snoozing … Continue reading

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… frustration!!!

I had a very dramatic phone conversation with a nurse about my appointment. Long story short. I apparently have another polyp that’s grown over the past month. If my treatment wasn’t successful, I can’t take any meds or have a second treatment … Continue reading

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… as if it matters

I can think of a million reasons why we need this. Why we deserve this. Why THIS time should be it. As if it matters. As if my FEELINGS can change reality. As if what I think truly matters. The … Continue reading

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… beautiful reality

  If these past few weeks have done anything for us – it’s given us a taste of what life after children looks like. It’s tiring. It stretches you beyond comfortability and your own boundaries. You do things you wouldn’t … Continue reading

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