When I was younger, the only thing I ever dreamed of was becoming a wife and a mother. A wife to a wonderful, perfect man who would be loving, handsome, and respectable. I have that.


I wanted to be the mother to many, children. We would play, laugh, bake, and do lots of arts and crafts. I would be a stay at home mom to my kiddos and we’d have so much fun. My family would be amazing and we’d go on fabulous vacations. I would marry at 25 and have my kids at 28, 30, 31. I would have a set of twins (preferably boys), another set of multiples, and whatever else. I didn’t care – I just wanted a huge family!

As I got older these wants and dreams evolved and I realized I would probably have to work at some point. I had an idea of what a wife was and what kind of wife I wanted to be and built, adapted, and worked on those ideas. I was married 27 and 5 days old. I’ve been married for a year and a few months and it has been everything and nothing like what I expected it to be. I do have a wonderfully, handsome, and respectable husband. And, while we of course have our issues, we still have an excellent marriage and relationship. I am enjoying the frustrating and exciting journey of our two roads becoming one. They’re merging and to see it happening is powerful.

I am obviously behind on my timeline of life but I’m learning to blindly trust God and be patient.

I have never dreamed of becoming anything but a wife and a mother. That may seem trivial and silly, irresponsible and co-dependant but I find both of those roles to be the most important roles in life. Everything after that is just details. I believe that the woman who is the wife and mother has her own personality, her own interests, and ideals that should not be forever neglected and put to the side once she enters these roles. I do not agree that women should not have a life, friends, or interests post marriage and baby. That’s NOT what I’m saying. A wife/mother who has experiences is better equipped to support, raise, and teach their children when they have a bit of experience under their belt – at least I think so! :0)

3 Responses to herstory

  1. Lyz says:


    Many times I have told you what an amazing person you are inside, and out. Just when I think that you couldn’t be any more Great, you commence to amaze me. I appreciate your constant desire to think of others, even when you are struggling with something yourself. I wish I had half the courage you do. I found out just this week, that not only am I entering a storm that aligns quite closely with yours, and I’m not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but I am seemingly afraid of the dark….and trying to make my way towards the light blind, because as you know my Mom died when I was only days old from child birth, but aparently it was an infertility issue that she knew about, yet she still TOOK HER CHANCES. My biggest issue is that this info was not shared with me until 2 days ago, which is answering alot of my questions. But your Blog came at the right time. A silent struggle is not a struggle that I want to endure. So all that being said, thanks. Sincerely from my heart. A.M.

  2. daminiyi says:

    First time visiting your blog, truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing


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