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… in time

This weekend was time well spent. Time well spent with friends. Family. My hubs. A new random friend I met through another friend. Time well spent thinking. Praying. Worshipping. Just being. My time was well spent in Nac for SFA’s Homecoming … Continue reading

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… be”you”tiful reminder

If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that far too often we seek approval, acceptance, and love from other people who will forever fail us. Both intentionally and unintentionally – no matter who they are to us or who we are to them. … Continue reading

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…. D.I.N.K

Hey! It’s been quite some time since my last post….. At least it feels that way. In blog- life it’s been an eternity. In real life, only a week and a half or so? I really believe I’ve been mentally … Continue reading

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… tortuga!

Introducing!!!! Tortuga! He’s my class’ Red-Footed Tortoise but…… I love him to death!! He’s so cute! I’ve picked him up a couple of times and I’m DYING to cuddle him and let him walk around (on a towel) but not … Continue reading

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… peace & calm

Enough said. Thank God for His grace, mercy, & protection. When we’re right but in the process of being molded. When we’re wrong & needing an abundance of grace.  When we’re right where He needs us & wants us to be. When … Continue reading

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… a couple of friends

… A couple of friends….. couple friends. The last couple of weeks have been refreshing and much needed. Working very hard to make sure that the core friendships in my life aren’t neglected for the sake of the relationships, accountability, building the … Continue reading

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…. be of good courage

Last night, Thomas and I went to see the Christian movie Courageous and it’s been a very long while since I’ve been as inpired by any movie in this way. I couldn’t help but think, throughout the movie, “THIS is exactly … Continue reading

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