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… speak no evil

One of my favorite (curse) words is the F-bomb. I try NOT to say it but it can roll off at a moments notice if Idrop something, ruin something I’m working on – basically when something goes wrong, it’s my … Continue reading

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… cd1

I tightly grasp onto every little ounce of hope, chance, & possibility that is available on any day, at any time, and in every any circumstance with nothing less than all that I have. And, everytime it feels as if it only leads me smack into … Continue reading

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… perfectly simple.

Life’s simplicities and a bit of yummy goodness. Two of my favorite things in life: good books and sorbet/icecream. A few oldies and a brand new goodie…. complete with the most delicious ice cream ever made. Haagen Dazs Orchard Peach. … Continue reading

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… stradling the fence

As I age, grow, and mature (and hopefully gain wisdom) – I’m realizing more and more how we as  Christians are so easily & effortlessly indoctrinated with how the world thinks and succumb to it’s views of how we as Christians should behave … Continue reading

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… dear, C

I know you don’t think your circumstances should bother me but you know they do…. They should. They should bother everyone around you, who loves you, who holds you close to their hearts. My heart absolutely breaks for you.  I … Continue reading

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… hi, there!

As the summer quickly comes to an end…. there are a few things I wanted to wrap up and complete by Aug. 1. 1. gifts for about 5/6 different people 2. my reading list 3. “lazily” lounging (while I complete … Continue reading

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… teeny tiny baby parts

Can’t. Get. Enough. ….. of little fingers… cocoa colored ears… scrunchy faced yawns…. the most adorable, aggravated cry face you’ve ever seen… baby mitt covered hands…. tiny flexed feet…. the softest head of hair… deep grunts from the deepest part … Continue reading

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