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… welcome, Mrs. Jackson

I could never find the words to let you know how proud of you I am. I’m so happy for you and Jay, for the NEW stage in your relationship, and for finding your other half. Two people could not … Continue reading

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… you are blessed, we are hopeful

Blessed are those who announce their growing families – you give us hope that one day, we too, will have an announcement to make. Blessed are those whose belly’s swell with life – you make us smile knowing that one … Continue reading

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… perspective

Isn’t it funny that the things that can make you happiest can also make you the saddest? …. still praying for my little eggs. This is about the time they should be implanting. Hoping that at least one of them … Continue reading

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…. hungry, hungry hippo

I’m hungry. Hungry like I eat and not even an hour later, I’m looking for a snack. I realized that this typically happens after treatments which is happens at a specific, regular time of my cycle. I Googled a little … Continue reading

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…. blessings or burdens

First and foremost – I got my picture of my little follies (follicles!!) – they’re so cute and tiny!! I love them already, praying for them, and hoping they’re growing as they should!! Isn’t it great to see?? Can you … Continue reading

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… so long perfect summer

…. goodbye late, late nights …. goodbye quiet mornings …. goodbye carefree, stressless days …. hello on demand creativity, lamentating machines, and permanenet markers …. hello conduct charts, school supplies, and early morning greetings …. hello tons of papers to grade, lesson … Continue reading

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…. i picked it back up

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