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… and, so it begins

Long hiatus’ from blogging often leave me speechless. I get so busy with life and “stuff” that I never get a chance to sit down and “talk”….. then, it’s as if I have nothing to talk about. But….. A few … Continue reading

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… time

Time. It never stops. The second hand keeps ticking, which forces the minute hand to move, which requires the hour hand to change. And, these little ticks eventually become hours, days, months, and years that have passed us by. The amazing … Continue reading

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… turkeys and curls

In exactly 15 days, we will be reunited with these two beauties and their momma!! I’m so excited to see them and won’t be able to function once I see how much they’ve changed from THESE littles on to the … Continue reading

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… cling close

So last night, I did a little study over love…… went through the majority of every Bible verse that ever mentions love and I realized a few things. Jesus/disciples are always, always reminding us what love really is. They are … Continue reading

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