… testimony tuesday!

So, you guys know I’m slightly obsessed with social media. Instagram, specifically, has been so wonderful to me throughout this adoption process and I have fallen in love with hastags.

Everyday of the work week has a hastag associated with it. For example, #mcm (man crush Monday) or  #tbt (throwback Thursday).

I’ve deemed Tuesdays as #testimonytuesday (Testimony Tuesday). We can use social media for good. For spreading the word of God and encouraging those around us, right?!

So, I’m excited!!!
Below, you will find a condensed portion of my testimony of our adoption. More in terms of growth and what I’ve learned. Hope you enjoy!!!

And, check out my Instagram (@amayes) for more goodness every Tuesday!

Everyday, I’m more and more overwhelmed and over the moon about Holland.

Not only because she is our baby or because I’ll finally be a mom; I’m overwhelmed because she is a testament to the faithfulness of God.

She is an answered prayer in so many ways already.

Because of her I know that God answers prayers at the perfect time, I know that he really will trade your ashes for beauty, and that He is the safest of safest places to find refuge and comfort.

We’ve learned to find peace in God while our world is turned upside down and hope when it feels as if light is far from you.

We’ve learned to ignore what we feel and rely on what we know – that God is real. He is good. And, He is always with you.

How grace gets you through and the most comforting place I’ve found is at the feet of my Savior.

This time has taught me patience, love, how to be good, and courageous. I’ve learned how to be more patient and respectful with my husband and how to not take everything so seriously.

Our adoption is much bigger than bringing a child into our home. It’s bigger than Thomas and I. It’s even bigger than our sweet girl.

Our adoption is about redemption. It’s about the power of God shaping us into worshippers. It’s showing the love, acceptance, and grace of God to others. It’s about putting “us” aside and trading our desires and wants for His.

Holland is the tangible result of God’s grace. His sovereignty. His promises fulfilled.

… here’s to trusting God with your deepest desires and learning to wait patiently for Him.




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One Response to … testimony tuesday!

  1. Rachel M. says:

    I love the idea of Testimony Tuesdays! My testimony for today is my reminder of God’s unchanging love for me. I attended a conference on Friday in which I rediscovered my love for Him and have been living the memory since. I can be restless and pushy about my deliverance but I know that His love for me will cause nothing to be delayed and all good things to come in due time.

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