… the return


The Hunters have arrived.

My sister, my brother in law, and their three kids.

……. And, we are so excited! I love it.

Our house is always so quiet. It’s just us and we tend to be pretty quiet compared to having kids in the house.

As much as we listen to music, laugh, play, & talk there is NOTHING like children filling your house with their laughter and sounds of play.

It’s amazing.

My youngest niece is 4, then there’s a 6 yr old, and an 8 year old. All girls.

They play so well together and they’re so cute. Their vocabularies & speech are perfect and so beyond their ages. It’s so fun listening to them!


At the end of the week, my sister, her husband, and my 6 year old niece will go back to Georgia and we’ll have the 4 & 8 year old until the beginning of August.

Our annual summer with the girls – we look forward to this every summer. It’s amazing to see how much they grow and change….. I’m so excited to have them here!

They’ve grown so much and have gotten so big. I love having them over!

If for nothing else but to give me a huge reason to pull out my camera and get to capturing every single one of their moments.

It’s perfect.

I’ve started but haven’t gotten to editing pictures yet but hopefully after the 4th has come & gone, I’ll be able to get a few on the blog.

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