… oh it’s not so bad


Ya know……. It’s not that bad. Life.

Yes, we struggle and we go through the most painful experiences, we’re hit with the hardest of hard times.

And, honestly. Sometimes it is that bad. Sometimes, it just plain stinks.

But, if we keep trusting and keep moving, we see that there is always another side to the pain and heartbreak.


If we bind our hearts to his.
If we never give up hope.
If we get up after we’ve fallen.
If we focus on people and other things besides ourselves.
If we serve.
And, pray.
And, read.
And, commit to enduring and persevering.

Life will move on.


If we don’t remain stuck in the past.
Harbor negative emotions, feelings, memories, regrets.
If we allow forgiveness to free us.
By forgiving ourselves and others.

We can move on right along with it.


We just have to move.
We have to trust that God has much better plans.
Believe that He will never leave us nor forsake us.
Know that all things work together for good. (Even when we get ourselves in messes!)
Know that our God is a redeemer.
That our Lord can make something beautiful of the ashes.
That His grace abounds.
His mercies are new.
And, that His love is everlasting.


With Christ all things are possible.
We can overcome any situation or painful situation.

We just have to trust and have faith. Seek God.
And, allow ourselves to see His hands moving on our behalf.

He is able to abundantly more than we can ask or think!
But, while we wait….. He’s given is gifts and talents that we are to use to further his kingdom.
To declare His goodness and His glory. To use to encourage, support, and love on His people.



Our God really is good.

… Here’s to trusting that what He says is true and embracing the situations He puts is in to teach that!



About Alaina

Wife. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. feel free to walk beside me. support. encourage. comment. pray. bestow wisdom. advise. follow. subscribe.
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