… good news!



Thomas and I have some pretty exciting news to share and I wanted to do it “face to face” vs through words on the page! I thought a video would be more fun!!!

So, check it out! Click <<<< HERE >>> to watch the video!

Here’s a bit of written info on what I mentioned:
Give 1 Save 1, click to learn more about the company and their vision! They are doing some amazing things over there!

Email unashamedgrowth@gmail.com to order bands! Bands are FREE!!!! Be sure to include your address and number of bands you’d like!

Shirts are $20 each! Remember that we only have larger sizes (L, XL, 2XL, 3XL available!!!) You can go to our “take a bite” tab to pay via PayPal! Leave your address and shirt size in the info box!

As always, thank you for loving on us! For caring and supporting us!!!

…. here’s to much more exciting news to come!



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