… spring has sprung

Spring break OFFICIALLY began Friday at exactly 3:45p. Unfortunately, for me…… I’m sick. However, this Spring Break is coupled with wet and dreary start so I guess we’re both not quite ready for a week of freedom, two – a – day workouts, and a few lunch & cupcake dates!! …. Maybe a trip to the carnival!

I’m hoping that after a day of being “sick and shut in” (except for the quick trip to get my eyebrows threaded!!) – I’m feeling MUCH better and am hoping to be ready for the sun that’s BEGGING to come out to play on Monday. If it rains all week, I’d have to petition for a Spring Break do-over as it would be completely UNfair to not be able to enjoy this week long hiatus from school due to inclimate weather. LOL. Wish me luck.

PLUS, I’m excpecting to hang out with a few of my favorite little people and a newcomer! Can’t miss it!

…. here’s to a spectacular spring break full of rest, think tank meetings, and my Rebel with a cause!!
… and, to this playlist I’m listening to. Delish.


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