… tortuga!


He’s my class’ Red-Footed Tortoise but…… I love him to death!! He’s so cute! I’ve picked him up a couple of times and I’m DYING to cuddle him and let him walk around (on a towel) but not quite there yet! LOL.

Funny thing – he has a nice, soft towel in his tank instead of hard rocks or itchy hay/grass stuff…….. and he snuggles in between the tank wall and the towel and it FREAKS me out!
Me: “Thomas, do you think he’ll suffocate?”
Thomas: “No… he’s fine. There’s a thing called self preservation….”
Um….. Thank you voice of reason…. lol… ***hurries to reposition Tortie to the MIDDLE of tank – AGAIN.***

….. here’s to a little tiny hard shelled bundle of love and one of the highlights of my week!!


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One Response to … tortuga!

  1. Mom says:

    Do you take him home on the weekend?

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