… you are blessed, we are hopeful

Blessed are those who announce their growing families – you give us hope that one day, we too, will have an announcement to make.

Blessed are those whose belly’s swell with life – you make us smile knowing that one day we too may be uncomfortable due to life growing inside of us.

Blessed are those who endure the endless vomitting and bouts of nausea – we long for the food aversions and strange cravings of comfort foods for the sake of those two pink lines.

Blessed are those who are showered with love in preparation of their new bundle – we attend and gift believing in faith that one day we will have a reason to make space and prepare for a new arrival.

Blessd are those with swollen feet – soon you’ll be chasing a little one with pride in each and every step and accomplishment they will make their entire lives.

Blessed are those who are able – you give us hope. You help us keep the faith.

Not this month. But maybe the next.
Still faithful.
Still hopeful.
Forever trusting God and in His plan. No matter what. No matter how long. Regardless of the circumstances. Regardless of how I feel.

He is good.

… here’s to faith and believing that one day, I too, will be blessed to waddle with a swollen belly that I fill (1/4 of the way) with Haagen Dazs and all things sweet!


About Alaina

Wife. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. feel free to walk beside me. support. encourage. comment. pray. bestow wisdom. advise. follow. subscribe.
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5 Responses to … you are blessed, we are hopeful

  1. Shanika says:

    Beautiful 🙂 This post is my favorite. I smiled while I was reading. Alaina, you have a gift & you know how to use it. I’m happy to hear that you two decided to go ahead and try again next month. I remember you stated in one of your previous post that you would take a break because of work. I will continue to pray for you two.

  2. rithmatith says:

    Hello sweet sister, I came upon your blog through Heather Havard. I wanted to let you know I am so encouraged by you, while I am not a wife or mother, I am strengthened by your hope in our King of kings. He is faith and He is sovereign. Praying for you dear one.

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