… so long perfect summer

…. goodbye late, late nights
…. goodbye quiet mornings
…. goodbye carefree, stressless days

…. hello on demand creativity, lamentating machines, and permanenet markers
…. hello conduct charts, school supplies, and early morning greetings
…. hello tons of papers to grade, lesson plan writing, and activity planning
…. hello RECESS!!!!, off periods, cheer practice, & games
….. hello random hugs, “Hey Mrs. Mayes!”, and random stories from 2nd graders!

I am ready for you!

…. here’s to meet the teacher days, the first days of school, and red pens!

To all of my fellow educators out there ….. Let’s get excited and remember WHY we do what we do when the conduct charts look like rainbows, your stack of “papers to grade” is towering over you and parents get difficult. Don’t forget about the smiling little faces who depend on you daily for love, support, and encouragement! YOU make a difference in every child’s life that enters into your classroom. Is it positive or negative? As teachers our students truly love and look up to us – most of them! lol – and we always want to be that positive role model for them!!! Allow them room to be creative, encourage thinking outside the box, and teaching self discipline. We touch the future DAILY – let’s make sure we give them what they need to be able to lead successful lives!

My favorite back to school commercial!!!!


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